For a better world,
By Design.

THESIS (The Social Innovation
Studio) is committed to studying and engaging with the most pressing issues of the developing world.

We are dedicated to changing how social impact is imagined, designed and delivered. Our approach aims to create human-centered social change through a design-thinking framework.


Situated at the intersections of design-thinking and practice, data and development, social justice and civic engagement we design, test and scale social interventions with and on behalf of marginalized populations and social change leaders working for them.


The people behind THESIS make up a constellation of designers, researchers, academics, artists, activists, dreamers, organizations and foundations. We aim to design a better world by creating and enabling research-led and evidence backed solutions to tackle complex social problems.

We have a multidisciplinary team with strong academic and professional background in design,  communication, branding, marketing, strategy, technology, analytics and social sciences and a

deep sense of shared commitment to social impact!

We believe that social challenges require systemic solutions that are grounded in the communities needs.

Most often, social impact initiatives falter because they are not based on communities needs and have never been prototyped to solicit feedback.

Even when people go into the field, they may enter with preconceived notions of what the needs and solutions are.

This is where many approaches founder, but our practice, grounded in deep rooted multidisciplinary theory excels.

Our Services

Strategy Design

Research Design

Communication for Social Impact

In several communities living on the margins, consuming Gutka/ Khaini during pregnancy & lactation is a common practice.

We are eager to partner with like-minded people, organizations and communities to design a better world.

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