We Believe that

  • Most often, social impact initiatives falter because they are not based on communitiessneedsandShave never been prototypedstossolicitsfeedbak .
  • Even when people go into the field, they may enter with preconceived notions of what the needs and solutions are.
  • Social Challenges require systemic solutions that are grounded in the communities needs.
  • This is where many approaches founder, but design thinking- a new approach, to creating solutions-excel.

Design Thinking​

  • Incorporates deep insights generated from the communities themselves, aimed at getting beyond the assumptions that block effective solutions
  • Is, inherently optimistic,const-unactive and experiential.
  • Addresses the needs of the people that are part of a program/ service/ policy and the infrastructure that enables it
  • Allows high impact solutions to bubble up from below rather than being imposed from the top
  • Can lead to real-world solutions that create better-outcomes for organizations and the people they serve.


Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)

Communication for Development (C4D)

Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D)

Brand Communication

Communication for Evaluation & Coordination
  •        Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
  •        Process & Organizational Design
Communication for Implementation
  •       Strategy Design
  •       Program Design
  •       Policy Design
  •       Research Design
  •       Product/ Service/ Experience Design
Communication for Empowerment
  •       Awareness & Impact Creation
  •       Best Practices/ Innovations
Communication for Promotion
  •      Public Relations
  •      Fundraising
  •      Reports & Whitepapers
  •      Case Studies & Success Stories 

Our partners

We worked closely with governments, multilateral agencies, civil society and non-profit organisations to deliver high-impact projects in low-resource settings using human-centered design & strategic  communic-ation.

We are eager to partner with like-minded people, organizations and communities to design a better world.
Write to us at  info@thesis.foundation
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